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Vinyl Yard Solutions Inc. wants you to have the information needed to make wise decisions about your upcoming exterior project. For your convenience, we’ve provided answers to many of the questions we hear from our customers. If you need more information, simply give us a call or feel free to submit our contact form.

Q: Is vinyl more expensive than wood?

A: Initially yes, but there is no staining or chemical maintenance needed. When installed correctly, this product is in to stay. Within a few years, it becomes less expensive as it doesn’t need to be replaced and it doesn’t have the maintenance costs associated with wood.

Q: Is the decking a composite product?

A: No. It is all vinyl.

Q: What is PVC or uPVC?

A: Poly vinyl chloride (PVC) is a reference to the resin that is used to produce the vinyl. It can also refer to the finished vinyl product. For many, PVC is synonymous with the word vinyl. The term uPVC refers to ultraviolet-protected PVC. Reputable manufactures will always use uPVC when producing exterior vinyl products.

Q: What is vinyl?

A: The following is used in the production of PVC resin:

  • Raw material

  • Additives

  • Crude oil

  • Natural gas

  • Salt

Vinyl Yard Solutions Inc. is proud to supply and install products from Westech®, a leading manufacturer that uses the following:

  • Premium grade raw materials and additives

  • UV inhibitors

  • Impact modifiers

  • Stabilizers

  • Toners

Q: Is it OK to paint vinyl?

A: Painting is not recommended. The products we use are quality crafted and will retain their appearance throughout their lifetime. Paints are available if you wish to change colours but please note that if you do paint, it will void the Westech® limited lifetime warranty.

Q: Will my vinyl fence turn yellow?

A: If you keep your fence clean by simply washing it periodically with a garden hose, it will not yellow. Westech® vinyl fencing is a superior grade of product with reliable UV protection.

Q: Will my deck lose its colour?

A: Vinyl Yard Solutions Inc. uses quality decking materials from VEKAdeck™ that resist fading through a unique cellular PVC blend. This product retains colour longer than most decking and will look beautiful year after year – and without all of the costly maintenance. Some subtle, uniform fading may occur after years of use, as the normal weathering process will impact any surface.

Q: Will my decking expand or contract?

A: Our VEKAdeck™ products offer an incredible amount of dimensional stability and will expand and contract less than .5%. We can advise you on proper spacing recommendations.

Q: Will water make my deck slippery?

A: No. Our VEKAdeck™ materials have an appealing wood-like pattern embossed onto each board that provides slip resistance when either wet or dry.

Q: Will my decking need maintenance?

A: Ordinary cleaning with water is all you need to do! With VEKAdeck™ from Vinyl Yard Solutions Inc., you never have to paint, seal or stain.

Q: Will your decking hold up to the harsh Ontario weather conditions?

A: Yes. VEKAdeck™ is water resistant and will not be damaged by the elements.

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